Vancouver Island North (School District) - 2011 Election Results
Chief Election Officer: Jan Allan
Phone: 250-956-3301
E-mail Address:
Est. Number of Eligible Voters: 7884
Total Number of Votes Cast:
School District Trustees to be Elected: 7

School District Trustee Candidate(s)
  First Name Last Name Initial Gender SD Area Represented Acclaimed Votes Elected
  Eric Hunter   ALERT BAY YES  0 YES 
  Carol Prescott PORT ALICE YES  0 YES 
  Werner Manke   PORT MCNEILL YES  0 YES 
  Lawrie Garrett   EASTERN ZONE   93 YES 
  Jeff Field   PORT HARDY   751 YES 
  Leightan Wishart   PORT HARDY   624 YES 
  Danita Schmidt WESTERN ZONE   46 YES 
  Rod Sherrell   EASTERN ZONE   63  
  Ann Hory   PORT HARDY   419  
  Michael Schnurr   WESTERN ZONE   23  
  Diane Dillon   WESTERN ZONE   17