Islands Trust (Islands Trust) - 2011 Election Results
Street Address:#200 - 1627 Fort Street
Victoria, BC, V8R 1H8
Chief Election Officer: CEOs for Capital, Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo, Comox Valley, Powell River and Sunshine Coast Reg. Dist.
Phone: 250-405-5188
E-mail Address:
Est. Number of Eligible Voters: 19769
Total Number of Votes Cast:
Islands Trust Councillors to be Elected: 24

Islands Trust Councillor Candidate(s)
  First Name Last Name Initial Gender Island Represented Acclaimed Votes Elected
  Ken Hancock   North Pender YES  0 YES 
  Gary Steeves   North Pender YES  0 YES 
  Mike Jones   South Pender YES  0 YES 
  Liz Montague   South Pender YES  0 YES 
  David Graham   Denman   302 YES 
  Laura Busheikin   Denman   245 YES 
  Sheila Malcolmson   Gabriola   1162 YES 
  Gisele Rudischer   Gabriola   825 YES 
  Sandy Pottle Galiano   554 YES 
  Louise Decario   Galiano   505 YES 
  Jan Hagedorn   Gambier   136 YES 
  Kate-Louise Stamford   Gambier   126 YES 
  Tony Law   Hornby   273 YES 
  Alex Allen Hornby   204 YES 
  Susan Morrison   Lasqueti   153 YES 
  Peter Johnston   Lasqueti   96 YES 
  Jeanine Dodds Mayne   348 YES 
  Brian Crumblehulme   Mayne   307 YES 
  Peter Grove   Salt Spring   1667 YES 
  George Grams   Salt Spring   1625 YES 
  Paul Brent Saturna   187 YES 
  Pamela Janszen Saturna   179 YES 
  Peter Luckham   Thetis   90 YES 
  Sue French   Thetis   76 YES 
  David Critchley Denman   167  
  Bill Engleson   Denman   84  
  Laura Pope   Denman   77  
  Kathy Dunster   Denman   62  
  Maggie Mooney   Gabriola   730  
  Bowie Keefer Galiano   403  
  William Russell   Galiano   390  
  Bruce Bingham   Gambier   108  
  Lynn Leboe   Gambier   90  
  Joyce Clegg   Gambier   37  
  Fred Hunt   Hornby   199  
  William Thomas   Hornby   188  
  Ron Emerson   Hornby   150  
  Timothy Peterson Lasqueti   65  
  Tom Weinerth   Lasqueti   57  
  David Maude   Mayne   223  
  Aubrie Karagianis Mayne   152  
  Stephen Cropper   Mayne   123  
  Paul Dumond   Mayne   98  
  Christie Meers   Mayne   16  
  Mark Wyatt   Salt Spring   1416  
  Larry Woods Salt Spring   1072  
  David Borrowman   Salt Spring   944  
  Carol Dodd Salt Spring   273  
  Beverley Neff   Saturna   108  
  Stephanie Cottell Thetis   61