Thompson-Nicola (Regional District) - 2011 Election Results
Street Address:300 - 465 Victoria Street
Kamloops, BC, V2C 2A9
Chief Election Officer: Liz Cornwell
Phone: 250-377-8673 ext. 7051
E-mail Address:
Est. Number of Eligible Voters: 11911
Total Number of Votes Cast:
Electoral Area Directors to be Elected: 10

Electoral Area Director Candidate(s)
  First Name Last Name Initial Gender Electoral Area Acclaimed Votes Elected
  Herb Graham   "N" YES  0 YES 
  Bonnie CruzelleMyram   "O" (Lower North Thompson) YES  0 YES 
  John Sternig   "P" (Rivers and the Peaks) YES  0 YES 
  Tim Pennell   "A" (Wells Gray Country)   144 YES 
  Willow Macdonald   "B" (Thompson Headwaters)   70 YES 
  Sally Watson   "E" (Bonaparte Plateau)   129 YES 
  Steven Rice   "I" (Blue Sky Country)   163 YES 
  Ronaye Elliott   "J" (Copper Desert Country)   199 YES 
  Ken Gillis   "L"   235 YES 
  Randy Murray   "M"   250 YES 
  Cheryl Thomas   "A" (Wells Gray Country)   92  
  Max Lentz   "B" (Thompson Headwaters)   56  
  Roland Stanke   "E" (Bonaparte Plateau)   67  
  Barry Tait   "I" (Blue Sky Country)   101  
  Ron McGivern   "J" (Copper Desert Country)   96  
  John Taylor   "L"   154  
  Susan Depper   "L"   53  
  Jim Cornett   "L"   12  
  Jon Galbraith   "M"   94  
  Rick Isbister   "M"   62