Cowichan Valley (Regional District) - 2011 Election Results
Street Address:175 Ingram Street
Duncan, BC, V9L 1N8
Chief Election Officer: Kathleen Harrison
Phone: 250-746-2507
E-mail Address:
Est. Number of Eligible Voters: 25783
Total Number of Votes Cast:
Electoral Area Directors to be Elected: 9

Electoral Area Director Candidate(s)
  First Name Last Name Initial Gender Electoral Area Acclaimed Votes Elected
  Loren Duncan E - Cowichan Station/Sahtlam/Glenora YES  0 YES 
  Ian Morrison F - Cowichan Lake South/Skutz Falls YES  0 YES 
  Mel Dorey G - Saltair/Gulf Islands YES  0 YES 
  Mary Marcotte   H - North Oyster/Diamond YES  0 YES 
  Mike Walker A - Mill Bay/Malahat   564 YES 
  Bruce Fraser   B - Shawnigan Lake   1020 YES 
  Gerry Giles C - Cobble Hill   903 YES 
  Lori Iannidinardo   D - Cowichan Bay   627 YES 
  Pat Weaver I - Youbou/Meade Creek   177 YES 
  Angela Auchincloss   A - Mill Bay/Malahat   329  
  Balu Tatachari   A - Mill Bay/Malahat   90  
  Ken Cossey B - Shawnigan Lake   379  
  Roy Davies B - Shawnigan Lake   280  
  Kelly Musselwhite   B - Shawnigan Lake   54  
  Dara Quast C - Cobble Hill   468  
  Greg Hunt   D - Cowichan Bay   275  
  Klaus Kuhn   I - Youbou/Meade Creek   173  

Referendum Question(s)
  Question Passed? Votes
 . "Are you in favour of the Board of the CVRD adopting "CVRD Bylaw No. 3539 Mill Bay/Malahat Historical Society Annual Financial Contribution Service Establishment Bylaw, 2011", which would authorize the CVRD to provide the Mill Bay/Malahat Historical Society with an annual financial contribution of up to $15,000 per year to assist the Society with costs associated with the collection, preservation, restoration and presentation of historical artifacts and archives of Mill Bay/Malahat and the surrounding South Cowichan area with an estimated maximum cost to residential property owners (with a residential property assessed at $100,000) of $1.54 per annum"? YES or NO?
YES 709 252
 . "Are you in favour of locating the South Cowichan Eco Depot recycling and household waste collection facility at 3224 Cameron Taggart Road "? YES or NO?
NO 1451 2669
 . "Are you in favour of the Board of the CVRD adopting "CVRD Bylaw No. 3542 North Oyster Fire Halls Debt Repayment Service Establishment Bylaw, 2011" and "CVRD Bylaw No. 3543 North Oyster Fire Halls Construction Loan Authorization Bylaw, 2011", which would authorize the CVRD to create a debt repayment service and borrow up to $3,030,000 for a 20 year period to finance the design and construction of two Fire Halls to serve the North Oyster Fire Halls Debt Repayment Service Area within a portion of Electoral Area H North Oyster/Diamond with a maximum requisition amount of $240,000 per year, which corresponds to an annual parcel tax of no more than $248.96."? YES or NO?
NO 251 348