Central Kootenay (Regional District) - 2011 Election Results
Mailing Address: Box 590
Street Address:202 Lakeside Drive
Nelson, BC, V1L 5R4
General email:info@rdck.bc.ca
Chief Election Officer: Randy Matheson
Phone: 250-352-8153
E-mail Address: rmatheson@rdck.bc.ca
Est. Number of Eligible Voters: 22222
Total Number of Votes Cast:
Electoral Area Directors to be Elected: 11

Electoral Area Director Candidate(s)
  First Name Last Name Initial Gender Electoral Area Acclaimed Votes Elected
  Garry Jackman   A YES  0 YES 
  Larry Binks C YES  0 YES 
  Gordon Zaitsoff J YES  0 YES 
  Paul Peterson   K YES  0 YES 
  John Kettle B   709 YES 
  Andy Shadrack   D   405 YES 
  Ramona Faust E   581 YES 
  Ron Mickel F   385 YES 
  Hans Cunningham   G   313 YES 
  Walter Popoff H   518 YES 
  Andy Davidoff   I   218 YES 
  Ed McNiven B   156  
  Ron Greenlaw D   229  
  Josh Smienk   E   417  
  Michael Keegan F   261  
  Werner Kraus G   44  
  Mark Bennett   G   21  
  Will Parker   H   236  
  Owen Morris I   58  
  Larry Walker   I   52  
  Sandra Smith I   23