Cariboo (Regional District) - 2011 Election Results
Street Address:180 North 3rd Avenue, Suite D
Williams Lake, BC, V2G 2A4
Chief Election Officer: Alice Johnston
Phone: 250-392-3351
E-mail Address:
Est. Number of Eligible Voters: 26912
Total Number of Votes Cast:
Electoral Area Directors to be Elected: 12

Electoral Area Director Candidate(s)
  First Name Last Name Initial Gender Electoral Area Acclaimed Votes Elected
  Ted Armstrong A YES  0 YES 
  Heloise Dixon-Warren B YES  0 YES 
  John Massier C YES  0 YES 
  Deb Bischoff D YES  0 YES 
  Joan Sorley F YES  0 YES 
  Al Richmond G YES  0 YES 
  Jim Glassford   I YES  0 YES 
  Chad Mernett   K YES  0 YES 
  Byron Kemp E   98 YES 
  Margo Wagner H   232 YES 
  Roger William   J   148 YES 
  Bruce Rattray   L   407 YES 
  Bill Carruthers E   92  
  Brandy Dickey   E   75  
  Stacy Wong E   61  
  Ron Lister H   125  
  Alex Bracewell   J   81  
  Ted Hlokoff J   47  
  Tom Baraniak   L   210