Port Moody (City) - 2011 Election Results
Mailing Address: PO Box 36
Street Address:100 Newport Drive
Port Moody, BC, V3H 3E1
General email:info@cityofportmoody.com
Chief Election Officer: Colleen Rohde
Phone: 604-469-4505
E-mail Address: crohde@portmoody.ca
Est. Number of Eligible Voters: 21839
Total Number of Votes Cast:
Councillors to be Elected: 6

Mayor Candidate(s)
  First Name Last Name Initial Gender Acclaimed Votes Elected
  Mike Clay     3154 YES 
  Robert Simons   2019  
  Katie Kickbush     321  

Councillor Candidate(s)
  First Name Last Name Initial Gender Acclaimed Votes Elected
  Diana Dilworth     2954  YES 
  Bob Elliott     2519  YES 
  Rick Glumac     2502  YES 
  Gerry Nuttall     2482  YES 
  Zoe Royer     1919  YES 
  Rosemary Small     1689  YES 
  Barbara Junker     1649   
  Julie Whitworth     1485   
  Jason Hulbert     1390   
  Shane Kennedy     1384   
  Nancy Owens     1343   
  Jimmy Malamas     1293   
  Robert Vagramov     962   
  Kevin Hagglund     863   
  Lola Oduwole     645   
  Sylvia Richardson     640   
  George Broderick     627   
  Rebecca Helps     579   
  Tom Bell     497   
  Daniel Kirchner     494   

Referendum Question(s)
  Question Passed? Votes
 . Should the opportunity be presented in future, are you in favour of the development of a casino in Port Moody?
NO 1572 3676